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(Cambridge, England)

The university city of Cambridge is a particularly lively spot, known for its year-round festivities, parties and seasonal celebrations, including folk and film festivals, a science week and a host of outdoor entertainment.

Popular festivals in Cambridge include the following events.

Annual Cambridge Festivals

  • January: Straw Bear Festival, with open-air music, dancing, bonfires and storytelling
  • March: Cambridge Science Week, taking place in the middle of the month, with a number of science-related demonstrations and workshops
  • June: National Bike Week, featuring a number of popular cycling events and races all around the Cambridge area
  • June to September: Summer in the City, with numerous festivals and events centred around Cambridge's main parks, including outdoor concerts and family attractions
  • July: Aquafest, including raft races along the Riverside in Ely, close to Cambridge

  • July: Cambridge Folk Festival, offering a range of music, including folk, country and western, jazz, gospel and pop concerts
  • July: Cambridge Film Festival, a major event in the city, with a range of screenings at central cinemas, followed by parties and award ceremonies
  • November: Cambridge Fireworks Display, attended by in excess of 25,000 people every year, with large bonfires and one of the largest free fireworks extravaganzas in England

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